Over the break I was fortunate enough to spend many, many hours working with young softball players.  Two players from Alabama opened a softball and workout facility about 45 minutes away from my house.  Seeing as they were both infielders, I was able to come help out and teach the outfield portions of their clinics.  I got to work with girls aged 11 through 16.  It was really interesting to see the development of the different aged players.  Through teaching them the fundamentals, and talking to them about the mental part of the game, I was able to remind myself of my own experiences as a club player.  I feel that my own experiences have given me a lot to share with young players and I found that the girls were excited to hear about what I had to say.  I learned a lot about how to approach different types of players.  Being in charge of a large number of girls for a long time forced me to plan, organize, and consolidate my thoughts.  I also learned how to properly throw front toss from behind a screen (only after getting nailed).

Aside from my work at the facility near my house, I was able to help out with my old club team.  It was great to get to go down to New Jersey and see my old coaches.  There’s also something really cool about having been the little girl who looked up to the college players, and now getting to come back and work with the next generation of players.  I was able to show them drills and talk to them about their goals and future plans.

On a side note, I also made a blanket to be donated to a women’s shelter!

That’s all for now.  Updates to come!


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