Over winter break, I had the opportunity to help out young softball players, baseball players, and other high school students. I spent a day working a Pendleton High School Softball camp which allowed me to give back to the program that helped shaped me into the person and player I am today. Interacting with the girls that look up to college players is one of my favorite parts about working camps. Not only are the girls there to learn, they are there to have fun. It was my goal to make an impact on these girls lives.

Not only did I have the chance to work a softball camp, but also a baseball infield camp. My brother (who attended the University of Notre and played baseball) and another former Pendleton High School baseball player, Jack Peterson (who is currently playing at the College of Idaho), were the main instructors, but I helped as much as I could. I loved seeing the young athletes work hard to become better players.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to give back to my high school by speaking to all high school students about my experience attending college. I discussed what a typical day is like, how to prepare, the differences between high school, what it’s like to play a sport, etc… After describing what college is like, I also answered any questions students had.

Overall, this winter break allowed me to help younger students and give back to my community.


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