Here at Notre Dame Softball, we always strive to serve others and give back to the community.  While we are together as a team at ND, we have the opportunity to serve those in the South Bend community, but when we travel home for breaks, we get the chance to serve our own hometown communities, which is always a great experience!

Every year over winter break, one of my favorite things to do is to make blankets for the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, a renowned pediatric hospital near my hometown. The children in this hospital are fighting battles of their own everyday, so I love the chance to put a smile on their face with a blanket that I have made.


My mom is very creative, a trait she passed down to me, so we often work on these blankets together. We enjoy picking out fun fabrics that we think the kids will enjoy, and we have a lot of fun making them and delivering them to the hospital. I think hand-made gifts are so special and meaningful, so I really enjoy putting in the time to create these blankets for the children. Each one is made with lots of love!


As athletes at the University of Notre Dame, we are incredibly privileged to attend such a wonderful, beautiful university all while playing the sport we love, so it is important to give back when we have been blessed with so much. I am so thankful to be a part of a such a loving team that cares so much about community service.


Go Irish!


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