By Katie Beriont

Moving into the second half of the season means that the academic year is in its final quarter. This is the time of the year that we all begin to design our summer plans, which means taking advantage of the incredible opportunities to which Notre Dame can connect us.

As a rising senior, my summer looks different this year. In the past I have taken summer classes at Notre Dame in order to make the regular academic year’s curriculum more manageable, especially during our rigorous travel season. We do everything we can to plan our classes in such a way that we can focus our energy and attention on softball when the season comes around :). Strategically scheduling our most difficult classes during the summer and fall semesters helps athletes in our program embody the cliché of succeeding on and off the field.

Over the summer 2014 I came to Notre Dame for the Summer Bridge Program and got a start on my university requirements taking sociology and microeconomics, while rehabbing an injury. Summer 2015, I completed both Organic Chemistry I and II along with their corresponding labs. Summer 2016 I took Physics I and lab, so that I could complete the sequence in the fall with Physics II. With season in full swing, I am happy to have those classes taken care of and have the opportunity to do something different with my upcoming summer break!

Summer 2017 I will be on campus yet again, but this time I will not be taking classes. I am a science business major, and I will be diving deeper into the reality of both of these disciplines. I am extremely excited to be working an externship in healthcare benefit management through eviCore, along with doing pancreatic cancer research, focused on chemoresistance, through the Harper Cancer Research Institute at Notre Dame. The lab is conducted by Dr. Reginald Hill; his work is pretty amazing and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Of course, my summer wouldn’t be complete without having time in August to spend some lazy days with my family and hometown friends down the shore in Jersey. What can I say – I’m a born and raised Jersey girl!

Many of my teammates are finalizing some incredible Summer 2k17 plans… We’ll be checking back in soon to fill in on those too 😉

Oh hey, I found a photo taken right after I found out I’d be at Notre Dame for my fourth summer in a row. Im 4/4!

Katie Beriont 3_3_24 (Mike Miller).jpg

Katie B


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