By Sara White

This Spring Break, the team started off the week with a series against Georgia Tech, which landed us in Atlanta for most of the week. For our off day, the lovely Reed family sponsored a trip for us to the famous Georgia Aquarium!

According to its website, the Georgia Aquarium opened in November of 2005, and at the time of opening was rewarded a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records for having more aquatic life than any other aquarium. As you can guess, we had a lot to see and experience!

Katie is mesmerized by all of the colorful fish in the coral reef!

Morgan Reed caught some of the best parts of the aquarium on her Snapchat and her comical captions made the Snap story even better:

The largest exhibit at the aquarium is the Ocean Voyager tank, which is home to this huge whale shark that we got to witness during feeding time! The aquarium conducts research on whale sharks and says it has rescued them from being killed for food off the coast of Taiwan.

The Georgia Aquarium is not only a place for education and entertainment, but it also participates in conservation efforts that some of us learned about in the sea lion show. It sends staff members to Sausalito, California to the The Marine Mammal Center to help rehabilitate stranded California sea lions. I was shocked to learn that one of the oldest (and biggest!) sea lions was found in my hometown of San Diego underneath a cop car! Scarce food supplies are apparently causing California sea lions to come ashore in search of food, which is what caused Diego to wander onto the street.

After learning about the conditions that some of the California sea lions face, it was only natural that our team pitched in to make a donation to the Georgia Aquarium’s California sea lion conservation efforts by “adopting a sea lion”.


In exchange for our donation, we received a stuffed animal we named Seymour, along with fun facts, a post card, an adoption certificate and a feeding bucket!

We are so grateful for the opportunity that the Reed family gave us to experience the Georgia Aquarium and we certainly enjoyed our off day. Check out this video of our experience!


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