By Karley Wester

This weekend marks our last first weekend. There were highs and lows, but that’s typically what comes from a first weekend of competition with a team.

Let’s start with some highs.

Let it first be known that our alumni are AWESOME, and they do some pretty incredible things! Our very own Jen Sharron Richardson works for Jimmy Kimmel, and what did she do? She hooked us up so we got to see some behind the scenes things of the show, see the show in the green room, and even watch Alisha Keys perform. AMAZING.


The seniors last first game was also our first bottom of the seventh comeback win of the season, and boy was it exhilarating!


We had a fabulous dinner and incredible gathering at the Wester household where our very own Sue Wester made her world famous chicken tortilla soup among many other items.

Alumni families surprised all of us, and Matt Koerner (Emi Koerner’s country singing star brother) provided world class entertainment that we never grow tired of. It was refreshing to just be able to enjoy each others company off the field.


The Brooks and Rochford families sponsored another dinner for us at the Decker household, family friends of the Brooks family. When we say this backyard was unreal, we mean it was UNREAL. The tacos were to die for and the ambiance  (enhanced by tiki torches) was mesmerizing. We cannot thank the families enough for the dinners and good times!


Last, but certainly not least, Coach got her pickled eggs she loves ever so much from some bar in Long Beach. Yes, Coach LOVES these eggs that this bar is apparently known for. They looked and smelled a little funny, but some of us will say (on the low) that they were actually pretty good, but was NOT a popular opinion on the team…sorry Coach!


Now on to the lows.

Of course a perfect weekend would be to come out unscathed, everyone hitting 1.000, pitchers striking batters out left and right, no errors recorded, and a perfect sweep of 5-0. Unfortunately, every weekend can’t be perfect.

Now it wasn’t a total bust of a weekend, but we definitely tasted a certain kind of defeat, and it is a taste we never want to taste again, which makes this Muhammad Ali quote quite relevant.


In a sport of failure softball, it’s crucial to stay positive. Getting a hit four times out of ten seems like you are failing, but it makes you a great hitter in our game and someone to be reckoned with. We will win and we will lose, but we still have a choice. We can choose to look at these losses and be bitter, or we can embrace and confront the feeling of defeat and vow to never let it happen again.

We’re going to take that second option, dig deep when we need to, and move forward. On to NC State for the ACC Big 10 Challenge!

~Love always & forever Irish~



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